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~NEW!~ Savage Soap Shreds
Savage Sugar Scrub

These brown sugar scrubs are upwards of $45 at a spa - for ONE treatment! Yikes! The SGS scrub is affordable enough to use every day!

I love this product so much I am looking for a reasonable/economical way to send samples to everyone! For now, you'll have to take my word on it ;c)

This scrub includes the following:

Brown sugar - to scrub all the nasties out of your pores...gently.

Almond meal - see above - almond meal also has almond oil in the ground nuts that help moisturize and maintain the natural balance of your skin.

Oatmeal - helps dry up blemishes.

Honey - Wonderful natural humectant that helps pull moisture into your skin and promotes healing.

vitamin E - helps keep the oils from going rancid and moisturizes your skin.

Almond oil - hydrates your skin.